Member Highlight: Stacey Schlegel

Hometown (City, ST)

Dove Creek, CO


Service Location

Dove Creek, Colorado


Please describe one of your current projects.

Currently, I am volunteering for three host sites. One of my largest projects is implementing The Sources of

Strength, Suicide Prevention Program. We started the program with our high school group of students and

the goal is to have a middle school group as well. We have 9 Leaders and have asked our teachers and

staff to continue nominating students for all social groups. So far we have implemented 3 campaigns

highlighting the 3 strengths in the strength wheel. First, we did a Thankfulness Campaign where all of the

students in the high school and middle school filled out cards. Each card had a list of all of the things they

are thankful for. We took those cards and made a turkey display in the school for everyone to read. In

December we worked with the Dolores County Youth Mental Health Action Team to implement a Logo

Contest. All students and community youth were asked to design an image or slogan letting youth know

that it is” Okay To Not Be Okay” and ask for help. The winner of the contest has their design on all of the

flyers and swag that the Committee will put through out the community. Our new campaign is a “Music

Monday”. Our Peer Group chose songs to play during passing period between classes and we are having

a contest to see who can guess which song matches which of the 8 strengths. The goal for our Sources of

Strength Program is for students to help one another strengthen the connections they have with their

community so that when they are struggling or in a crisis, they have a larger, stronger set of resources to

get the help they need.


What effect is this project having on those you directly serve?

Through out the last few months we are beginning to notice small changes in our school culture. Our Peer

Group in becoming more actively involved with the campaigns they are running. Students are recognizing

and beginning to understand the Sources of Strength program and it’s purpose. The school staff and

teachers are participating and seem to be encouraging the youth to participate. Because of these

campaigns, they are having more open conversations with their students about the ways we can all get

help or help someone else.


What effect is your AmeriCorps service having on your community?

There are 4 other organizations within our community that directly impact the youth, Dolores County Youth

Mental Health Team, Family Engagement Action Team, The R.O.C.K, and The Community Voice. Each

entity has worked mostly separate in the past with some to little co-working. The Sources of Strength

Project has been able to bridge these organizations together so that they are all working with the same

purpose and can focus on getting all of the programs out to the youth and their families. Our goal is to

assist families with their needs whether it be basic food and clothing or mental health services medical

needs. Now we all are including more information about every resource each time we advertise.


What do you wish others knew about serving with AmeriCorps?

I would like others to know that giving back to communities is so rewarding. AmeriCorps provides us with

the ability to really see how communities are impacted in everyday life. We can take the knowledge we

have and help others, all the while continuing to learn about ourselves and discover new talents we never

knew we had!


What has been the most rewarding part of your AmeriCorps experience so far?

AmeriCorps had been utilized in our community in the past, but not in recent years. This year I am able to

work with 3 different Host Sites. Our community programs are incredibly important and having the

opportunity to share them with the youth and their families has been so gratifying, especially when it is in

my own community. AmeriCorps has given us a chance to continue grown strong youth for the future.