Current Members

Rhianna Costiloe (she/her) Check & Connect Mentor, the Hive

Rhianna is, originally, from California, but has traveled a lot over her life. One of her favorite places to visit was Norway for a study abroad program. Rhianna was able to see the Northern Lights as well as see the 24-hour sun. Rhianna really enjoys being outdoors whether hiking or gardening, and playing card/board games. Rhianna’s background in working with people with disabilities, and studying yoga and psychology, helps Rhianna bring viable knowledge and experience to the Hive to support its youth.

Fun fact: Rhianna discovered river tubing a few weeks ago, and is excited to make this a new hobby!





Pam Robison (she/her)  Child Maltreatment Prevention Coordinator, Four Corners Child Advocacy Center

Pam was born In California, but grew up in Oregon and Alaska. Additionally, she has spent five years living in Hawaii and six years living in Germany. Pam has four children and one granddaughter. She is passionate about advocating for children, SEL and social justice. Pam has spent many years working with children and youth, her last position working with children was Manaugh School Counselor. Pam is Team UP’s new Child Maltreatment Prevention Coordinator. Pam is passionate about advocating for children and youth in our area. She believes every child deserves a soft and safe place to go. 

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in Alaska, Hawaii and Germany.





Desiree Henderson (she/her)  Safe Spaces for Youth Coordinator, Cortez Recreation Center

Desiree Henderson is from Cortez, CO and lives there currently.   Desiree has a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Cultural Studies.  She loves the arts and other creative endeavors that bring people together because they empower individuals to listen to each other and form strong and resilient communities that foster understanding and compassion. She also loves dancing and listening to music, traveling to unknown places, and meeting lovely people along the way.

Fun Fact: Her favorite stories as a child were Eva Luna by Isabel Allende and Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.





Randye Taylor (she/her) Family Services Coordinator, Pagosa Community Initiative
Randye is 6th generation Pagosa Springs. She is married with 4 children, 3 dogs & 3 cats. In her free time, Randye enjoys going to the hot springs, knitting, sewing, yoga, gardening, reading and playing with herbs. She is serving at the Pagosa Community Initiative as a family services coordinator and beyond excited to be a member of AmeriCorps. She is enrolled to begin a degree in social work and can’t wait to dive into leaning how to be a better support for the community that has supported her. 
Fun fact: Randye and her daughter took up roller-skating.  Despite her 9 year old daughter surpassing her skills, she has big dreams of roller derby. 





Kerri Taber (she/her) Youth & Family Engagement Coordinator in Dove Creek

Kerri is resident of Dove Creek, CO and has called that home most of her life. She enjoys spending time with family, attending her children’s many different activities, and loves to be outside during the summer camping or riding side by sides. She is currently serving her second term as a Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator in Dove Creek. She enjoys working with the students of Dove Creek Elementary, Dove Creek high school and middle school and the Doves Nest. She loves getting to interact with the kids each day. She’s looking forward to serving her second term.

Fun fact: Kerri spent most of her summer kayaking the canyons of Lake Powell.





Raquel Raney (she/her) Youth & Family Engagement Coordinator, Dove Creek

Raquel is a resident of Dove Creek for the last 10 years, however, has resided in Southwest Colorado since birth. She enjoys hunting, camping, spending time with her husband and children, and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. She has been a part of Dove Creek schools’ systems in some way since she graduated high school. When the opportunity to serve for AmeriCorps occurred, she looked at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to put back into the community that has given so much to her.  Being a mother of three she has seen the difficulties firsthand that her community’s family and children face. With her role as Youth and Family Coordinator she hopes to help impact the lives in her community. 

Fun Fact:  She used to be an extreme couponer with a whole stockpile room.




Cody Lasota (she/they) Restorative Practice Coordinator, Juniper School Durango

Cody moved to Durango from Florida in 2022. They are serving The Juniper School as the Restorative Practices Coordinator. Cody enjoys meditation and practicing mindfulness for personal improvement, something they use with children to teach about regulating their emotions. They are very passionate about restorative practices in schools and hopes to bring the RP mindset to other places in the future. They consider service this year to be an important step for their future as they are motivated to learn and grow. They see themselves best in the early childhood development and especially interested in special education.  

Fact: They love being on the beach during a hurricane





Abbie Herring (she/her, they, them) Restorative Practice Coordinator, Battle Rock Charter School

Abbie Herring is originally from South Texas, but moved to the Southwest a few years ago after falling in love with the area. Abbie is currently serving at Battle Rock Charter School in Cortez as the Restorative Practices Coordinator, and is so excited to be doing work that they are passionate about. Abbie has a Bachelor’s of Social Work and plans to obtain their Master’s in Social Work with a focus in restorative justice. When not working, she loves being in nature and exploring the wonderful outdoors by hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and reading by the river.

Fun Fact: Abbie loves road trips for the beautiful scenery and endless car karaoke.





Lyn Gullette (she/her) Language Environment Analysis (LENA) Provider, San Juan BOCES

Lyn grew up in West Virginia, Illinois, and Colorado. She’s lived in Pueblo, Pagosa Springs, and Boulder–definitely a Colorado woman. As a grandmother, psychologist and previously as a teacher grades 1-12, she is pleased to combine a joy of interacting with children and families with an absolute belief that launching newborns to 3-year-olds (the period of fastest brain development) with strong language skills will create personal life success.  And successful children will be the future problem-solvers for our communities and the world.

Fun fact: Lyn cannot do a headstand but she can stand on one finger.





Mason Blakemore (he/him) Education Coordinator, Pagosa Community Initiative

Mason is excited to join the Team UP AmeriCorps cohort and serve with kids at Pagosa Community Initiative (PCI). He absolutely loves all things outdoors and is excited to share that passion during his service at PCI. Mason’s personal favorite outdoor activities are skiing, climbing and running. Mason tries to find beauty in as much of life as he can!

Fun fact: Mason also loves learning about how the human body and mind work!