The Child Maltreatment Prevention Action Team (CMPAT) is one of eight Action Teams of Team UP. CMPAT hopes to ensure that every child is in a safe and supportive environment by addressing the issue of child maltreatment in Montezuma Counties.

Montezuma County has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the state of Colorado. In 2019, Montezuma County reported 18.9 substantiated cases of child abuse (per 1000 children) while the statewide average was 9.7 (Kids Count Data Center). 

We are ALL responsible for making our community safe for children to thrive. One of the most important things you can do to prevent child maltreatment is to recognize the signs. To learn more, check out our: 

CMPAT Facebook page for information, tips, and updates on what our team is working on.

RESOURCES page for child abuse prevention information and resources in our community.


Interested in joining the Action Team? Reach out to Emily, the Team UP Coordinator, at